Celebrating our Members

Each month we want to publicly celebrate everyone who has recently joined our church as covenant members. Since this is our first Member Celebration we are going to be recognizing all members! We're blessed to have some who were here when Shallowford was founded, and some who have joined even this week. 

We are posting the membership list ahead of time so you can look over it and help us out. First, if you are not listed but believe you are a member please let us know! Second, if you see this list and realize you would like join Shallowford as a covenant member, contact us and we will get your process started. You can email me at jonny@wcshallowford.org. 

  • Barbara Boland
  • Barry and Alexis Brown
  • Brad and Haley Childers
  • Vincent and Autumn Costa
  • Jonny and Kerri Day
  • Gabe Fisher
  • Al and KK Gilbert
  • Mason Gilbert
  • Jonathan and Katie Grogan
  • Gregg and Christine Gunther
  • Paige Henry
  • Jay and Aleks Jhun
  • Nick and Heather Jones
  • Tanner and Stephanie Jones
  • Jim Lane
  • Eloise Larmore
  • Spencer Lewis
  • Clark and Haley McGhee
  • Donna McGrane
  • Bob and Jamie Mehaffey
  • JD and Joann Moore
  • Catie Murphy
  • Bonnie Palma
  • Susan Selph
  • Don, Betty, and Bryan Smith
  • Josh and Katie Sutter
  • Ty Thompson
  • Nancy Underwood
  • Kayla Weeks


Jonny Day