March 19, 2019

“Our Father in Heaven, hallowed by your name…” Matthew 6:9

You are our Father, and not just a distant deity. You have adopted us into your family, and now you want us to come to you as your children. Thank you for your great love that saved us and adopted us.

Now we come to you as children. We are needy, and you are all-sufficient. We don’t know what’s best, but you are perfectly wise. We don’t see the whole picture of what’s unfolding in our lives, but you do, and so we trust you. Thank you for being gentle and tender with us.

We pray that in all our lives your named would be “hallowed” or honored, respected, and worshipped. We pray that your name would be lifted high in our lives, in our families, in our church, in our community, and in all nations. To your name be all the glory forever and ever amen!

Jonny Day