Summer at Shallowford

Summer Nights!.jpg

Summer Sunday Nights

Sunday nights are going to be the best time to connect at Shallowford. We’re going to alternate between Family Meals and Bible Studies. Check out the dates for each:

Family Meals: May 19, June 2, June 16, July 7, July 21

Bible Study:

  • May 26: How can I walk with God?

  • June 9: What is the church?

  • June 30: Do I have a role to play in the church?

  • July 14: How can I live on mission?



Tell your friends, neighbors, your friends’ neighbors, and your neighbors’ friends that this week is going to be can’t miss! Our Kids team is planning a fun week for kids (ages?) with games, crafts, teaching from the Bible, and capping it all of with a family night on Friday night.


Acts: The Movement Begins

On Sunday mornings we’re going to be preaching from the book of Acts. After Jesus was raised from the dead, his disciples were left with simple instructions: wait until you receive power from the Holy Spirit, then you’ll be my witnesses from here to the ends of the earth.

The book of Acts tells the story of how the gospel started in Jerusalem and then slowly worked out to the ends of the known world. This was just the beginning, though. Now we are a part of this gospel movement that started right here in Acts, and God is calling us to surrender our lives to Him so we can be a part of His story.